In the giant Premier League game between Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, there was no winner on Sunday. But after the game, a rumbling speech from the ManCity coach – the reason is the change rule.

Manchester City faced Liverpool in the Premier League on Sunday. And so two ex-Bundesliga coaches on top of each other: Pep Guardiola against Jürgen Klopp. But the draw (1: 1) was ultimately only a minor issue.

The coaches joined the battle for the substitution rule. City coach Pep raved about Sky Sports afterwards: “At the end I spoke to Jürgen about the fact that we have to fight for the five substitutions over and over. Five substitutions are allowed all over the world. But here we think we are special. We don’t protect the players. “

He also said the current situation was a “disaster”. Speaking of the match itself, he simply said: “It’s not easy to defend Liverpool. It’s not easy to play against them. Unfortunately we missed the penalty.”

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