Important documents from Pfizer / Bioentech have been hacked by the European Medicine Agency (EMA). The case has been confirmed by the EMA. The UK news outlet BBC reported this news in a report on Thursday.

The EMA approves drug use in the European Union. The agency said that they were targets of a cyber attack and that the hackers had access to documents related to their Kovid-19 vaccine.

According to Bioentech, the hackers were also able to access documents they had submitted to regulatory authorities.

The European Medicines Agency is working on the approval of two vaccines from Kovid-19. Approval is expected within a few weeks following the required review. During this time a hacking incident occurred. Bioentec claims that the cyber attack will not delay the possible deadline to approve their vaccines.

A statement on the EMA’s website acknowledged the cyber-attack, but did not provide much information. However, the company has already announced a full investigation. A spokeswoman for the agency said the investigation was on.

However, Bioentech admitted in a statement posted on its website that the hackers had gained access to their documents.

“We have been informed today that the European Medicines Agency has become the target of cyber attacks,” the statement said. Hackers can find information on Pfizer and Bioentech’s Kovid-19 vaccine candidate on the agency’s server.

“EMA officials have assured us that this cyber attack will not have a negative impact on the vaccine candidate’s review,” Biomatech said in a statement.

Given the importance of public health and transparency, officials have raised the issue of hacking.

Of the European countries, only the United Kingdom has so far approved the Pfizer vaccine.

The hack on EMA’s servers came at a time when Pfizer / Bioentech and modern vaccine candidates were reviewing the company. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Source: BBC

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