After the United Kingdom and Bahrain, the Pfizer-Bioentech corona vaccine has also been approved in Canada. Canada’s Central Health Agency Health Canada approved the move on Wednesday. The approval is seen as an important step to combat the coronavirus epidemic in Canada. The country’s media CTV News gave this news.

A statement said that Health Canada has confirmed that the Pfizer-Bioentec vaccine has met the standards of safety, efficacy and usage in Canada.

The statement promised to release information on the clinical trial of the vaccine within a few days.

Pfizer Vaccine Head in Canada. Jelena Wojciech said she is very happy with Health Canada’s decision. He said it was definitely a historic moment for science and the people of Canada.

The first batch of the Pfizer vaccine will arrive in Canada next week. Fourteen vaccination centers are being set up in important cities of the country. The vaccine will be administered within two days of its arrival.

By the end of December, Canada will receive 249,000 doses of the vaccine. Which will be given to 1 lakh 24 thousand 500 people. In all, Canada has agreed to purchase 20 million doses of the vaccine. In addition, there is an opportunity to purchase another 56 million doses.

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