According to the country’s top medical associations and a group of Islamic experts, Pfizer-Bioentech’s coronavirus vaccine, introduced in the UK, is halal. The British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) said in a statement that it had verified all published data and confirmed that no animal products or animal cells were used in the production of the vaccine. The British media Lancashire Telegraph gave this information on Sunday.

Britain is the first country in the world to have launched the mass-administrator Pfizer-Bioentec Coronavirus vaccine. Expectations as well as some questions and doubts have been raised since the introduction of the vaccine. In particular, Islamists living in the country are questioning whether the material used is Islamic.

Bima said he has spoken to experts on a number of infectious diseases, the pharmaceutical industry, clinical medicine, commissioning, inequality research, public health and bioethics. Analysis of the data revealed that no animal products or animal cells were used in the production of the vaccine.

A fatwa issued by Yusuf Shabbir was supported by Mufti Shabbir Ahmed, Mufti Muhammad Tahir and Maulana Kalingal Riyadh, Britain’s National Health Service Advisor. The fatwa also states that the vaccine is halal based on the information received.

It added that the UK government had confirmed that the Pfizer-Bioentec vaccine did not contain any animal components. We asked Pfizer about the vaccine. They told us that. Initially the only component of concern was cholesterol. Because it may have been derived from animal fat. Although it is usually collected from hen’s eggs.

The fatwa further states that it should be kept in mind that it is permissible to take the vaccine on the basis of Islam. But the decision to get vaccinated is a personal one. So read the patient information in the leaflet to know the risks and benefits of the vaccine, advice to all. At the same time, you can consult medical experts for more information.

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