Monte Carlo (dpa) – Still many questions and no sporty answer for the time being: Running star Konstanze Klosterhalfen has to postpone the planned start of her European tour.

Due to an overload reaction in the pool, third place in the TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen World Cup will not participate in the 5000m race at the athletes’ Diamond League meeting on August 14 in Monte Carlo. On this route she won bronze at the World Cup in Doha.

“I was really looking forward to the participation and the race in Monaco and hoped to compete until the end. We trained very well after the short indoor season and concentrated on a happy post season,” said Klosterhalfen in one. Communication from your management. The 23-year-old is currently being treated in Salzburg. “When we noticed the findings about two weeks ago, we responded immediately and adjusted the load accordingly,” she said.

The cancellation was “a pure precaution,” explained her manager Dany Biegler. Klosterhalfen continued to train year round with Pete Julian in Oregon and also during the Corona crisis.

The exceptional talent does not currently answer questions about her form, her personal situation, the disbanded Nike Oregon Project (NOP), her plans, the postponed Olympics or perhaps Donald Trump’s policy in the pandemic: she has since come out of management. For months. “Koko”, as she is called in the scene, remains something like the ghost of German athletics.

After the now canceled start in Monaco, more games were actually planned, including starts in Germany. This was recently announced by Idriss Gonschinska, general director of the German Athletics Association (DLV). According to information from dpa, the organizers of the Istaf in Berlin (September 13) and the meeting in Dessau (September 8) want to bind Klosterhalfen. It remains to be seen what will become of it.

In winter, Klosterhalfen only had a shortened indoor season – in the US. She smashed the European record in Boston over the 5000 meters (14: 30.79 minutes), which is rare in the hall.

The week before, Klosterhalfen flew to Europe after finding the best training conditions at the Nike campus near Portland. The NOP was lifted after the doping scandal surrounding the suspended star coach Alberto Salazar. But Klosterhalfen, who continues to train with former Salazar assistant Julian, kept her way in the Olympic preparation.

Oliver Mintzlaff, the general manager of Bundesliga football club RB Leipzig and an influential man in the background at Klosterhalfen, advised her to do so. He asked her if she could stand the media pressure or if she would prefer a different solution. “It was clear to her that she wanted to stay there,” Mintzlaff told “General Anzeiger” at the start of the Corona crisis.

In her adopted home, Klosterhalfen has participated in a number of private races. She decided not to start at the German Athletics Championships in Braunschweig last weekend – “because of the currently difficult conditions with regard to travel planning and the associated overall organization,” as it was then called.

The DLV was not particularly enthusiastic. It was said that one or the other athlete would have competed more in the ghost championships. The managers of the association have not mentioned the name Klosterhalfen in this context. Johannes Vetter did the same: The thrust of the 2017 javelin throwing world champion’s criticism (“What kind of message is that when our figureheads fit?”) Clearly went in their direction. But the complaints may also have been the reason for their absence.

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