Coronavirus infected US President Donald Trump has been in office since the hospital. He is receiving medical treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. The White House released two photos of him in office on Saturday. The US-based news agency CNN reported this in a report on Sunday.

Trump, who suffered from coronary heart disease, was hospitalized last Friday. The following day, on Saturday, he spoke in a video message on Twitter about his situation. Trump said on Twitter, said I think I’m completely fine. Thanks and love to all of you. ‘

CNN reported that Trump delivered a video message from that desk in one of two photos published on the desk by the White House. In one of the published photos, Trump is seen sitting. In the second he was seen writing or signing something. However, she was not seen wearing a mask in either of the two pictures.

According to the BBC, White House officials decided to send Trump to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center as an additional precaution. It is one of the largest and most prestigious military hospitals in the United States. US presidents usually do their annual checkups here. There trumps are doing well without extra oxygen. He was given his first dose of Remedivir.

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