PM of Japan resigns: NHK

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is ready to resign. The country’s state media reported on Friday that he would resign due to physical illness. He will speak at a press conference on Friday afternoon about his health concerns. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported.

According to NHK, the 65-year-old leader wants to resign so that his health does not deteriorate and the government is not disrupted. The press conference may begin at 5 pm on Friday in Japan.

The leaders of the ruling party say that Abe is in good health. But rumors are circulating about going to the hospital twice. As a result of spending more than seven and a half hours in the hospital, he is questioning the ability to run the state before his term ends.

On Monday, he crossed the eight-year milestone as Prime Minister of Japan. Through this he has become the longest-lived leader in Japan. But recently his popularity has declined. In the latest turnout, it has come down to 30 percent.

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