Police end Corona demo in Berlin – Reichstag barrier broken

After a meeting for the Reichstag, hundreds of people broke through a police cordon. Officials seem overwhelmed by the situation. All information in the news blog.

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After some 30,000 people took to the streets in Berlin in early August against the corona measures of the German government, thousands of demonstrators were again expected in the capital on Saturday. The police are on duty with a large number.

Protesters storm through the barriers on the Reichstag steps

Protesters against the state’s corona policy broke a cordon at the Reichstag building in Berlin on Saturday evening. They stormed up the stairs, a local DPA reporter reported. Police officers pushed people back with pepper spray. There were scuffles.

The incident can be seen on this Twitter video:

The police deposed conspiracy theorist Attila Hildmann

After a speech before the Russian embassy, ​​police took away noted conspiracy theorist and vegan chef Attila Hildmann, as seen on this Twitter video:

According to eyewitnesses, Hildmann had not followed the instructions of the police. Hildmann was briefly detained at a meeting at the end of May. Berlin police have confirmed the arrest of an “author of vegan cookbooks” on Twitter:

Authorities speak of 38,000 participants

Authorities estimate that a total of about 38,000 people took part in the protests against the Corona policy in Berlin. Senator of the Interior Andreas Geisel (SPD) said this to journalists on Saturday. In total, about 300 people were arrested during the day, about 200 in front of the Russian embassy alone. There, officials of a crowd of about 3,000 “Reichsbürgern” and right-wing extremists were pelted with stones and bottles.

“Ultra-right conspiracy preacher”: Vegan chef Attila Hildmann for his afternoon arrest in Berlin. (Source: Kay Nietfeld / dpa)

According to the police, prisoners were also released there. Attila Hildmann, who calls herself “far right” and a conspiracy preacher, is one of those arrested outside the embassy. Geisel did not comment on the exact background to Hildmann’s arrest.

Mass demonstration against government and corona measures

Following the cancellation of the Corona demonstration in Berlin, tens of thousands of people demonstrated at a rally at the Victory Column against the state’s Corona protective measures. Initiator Michael Ballweg of the Stuttgart “lateral thinking” initiative demanded the repeal of all laws passed protecting against the virus and the immediate abdication of the federal government. For this he received applause from the participants in the rally.

US lawyer, environmentalist and vaccination opponent Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., nephew of US President John F. Kennedy, spoke out against the development of the 5G cellular network, warned of a surveillance state and attacked Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The police use pepper spray against bottle throwers

In the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate, stones and bottles were thrown at police officers from a large crowd, the Berlin police reported on Twitter. Two people were arrested.

Freelance journalist Felix Huesmann reports on Twitter about the “extremely aggressive mood” in front of the Russian embassy at the Brandenburg Gate. Bottles flew in a high arc towards the police, the officers responded with pepper spray:

With lawn sprinklers against control breakers

Police operations around the demo resolution

Police operations are taking place in the context of the dissolution of the demonstration. Nevertheless, the Berlin police have so far relied on a peaceful solution and verbal communication with the participants. Berlin Police Press Head Anja Dierschke says, “Speak, speak, speak, as a last resort we will be consistent.”

From time to time, protesters are carried away by the police. However, this seems only a symbolic act, says Chillreport reporter Jan-Henrik Wiebe. Because the police are on site with too few emergency services. In addition, some protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the police and occasionally threw bottles.

On the sidelines of the demo: rescue operation on the Spree

“There is no other option” – demo of police and corona

The corona demo in Berlin must be ended. Police announced on Twitter. “Unfortunately, we have no choice: we approached the leader of the demonstration and informed him that his meeting would be disbanded by the police,” police said. All previous measures have not resulted in compliance with the requirements.

She survived Corona: politician Karoline Preisler seeks a conversation with protesters

Karoline Preisler knows that Corona must be taken seriously. The FDP politician himself was sick with Covid-19. On the edge of the Berlin Corona demo, she enters into conversation with participants.

Protesters don’t keep their distance – the police are changing the terms and threatening to cancel

The demonstration march is currently on Friedrichstrasse to the Brandenburg Gate. However, many participants do not adhere to the rules of distance. These were part of the court’s strict hygiene requirements, under which the Saturday demonstration was only allowed to take place. Police repeatedly asked the crowd to keep their distance. Because the demonstration participants did not comply, the wearing of mouth and nose protection is now mandatory. The Berlin police announced this on Twitter.

The police spokeswoman also said that if the distance rules are not followed and masks are not worn, it would be “the last resort” not to start the march and to interrupt the meeting. According to police estimates, 18,000 people have already gathered. But there is still an influx of a planned demonstration, a spokeswoman said.

Rally takes place

The rally, which should take place in the afternoon with 22,000 registered participants, remains allowed so far. Around noon there are about 10,000 people on the road. The head of the Berlin police press service, Anja Dierschke: “The meeting is guaranteed until it is clear that the conditions cannot be met.”

Chillreport is live on site: the demo train is stuck

Chillreport reporter Jan-Henrik Wiebe is also on the Corona demo. It is currently located at the Admiralspalast in Friedrichstrasse. The demonstration has come to a halt there. People are sitting on the asphalt. It does not continue because the minimum distances are not respected. In addition, there is a small counter-demonstration by about ten people who are well protected by the police. “Nazi Raus” calls can be heard.

 Chillreport reporter at the Corona demo: unlike the majority of the participants, he wears a mask. (Source:  Chillreport) Chillreport reporter at the Corona demo: unlike the majority of the participants, he wears a mask. (Source: Chillreport)

Domestic Senator: The Court’s ruling on the situation has not changed

Berlin’s interior senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) has called on protesters against the demands of the state corona not to neglect protection against infection. He also expressed concern that there could be violence at events.

Domestic Senator Andreas Geisel: Domestic Senator Andreas Geisel: “I am still very concerned about the European mobilization among right-wing extremists” (source: snapshot / image images)

Regarding the ruling of the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) Berlin on Saturday evening, Geisel said: “The court gives the meeting participants a second chance to show that they are complying with the conditions. It is now up to the protesters to do so. prove. “

The court ruling did not change the pandemic situation, the interior senator said. “I therefore expect the people demonstrating in Berlin to do everything they can to protect against infection. And do it peacefully,” he said. “Because I am still very concerned about the European mobilization among right-wing extremists, which took place beforehand, regardless of the discussion about the ban. I call on everyone to gather in Berlin without violence.

Start of the demo in Berlin: 1,000 people have already gathered

In Berlin, about 1,000 participants gathered on the Unter den Linden street on Saturday morning for a larger demonstration against the corona policy. From there, a lift with protesters should travel through Berlin to the Tiergarten and to Strasse des 17. June. The photos on Twitter show that the participants do not adhere to hygiene rules. The protesters are close together and do not wear masks.

In the morning many police officers were already standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Protesters shouted “Open the gate” and chanted “We are the people”. A huge German flag lay on the ground in front of the Brandenburg Gate. There were also flags in the style of the Reich war flag, popular with right-wing extremists. The Lateral Thinking Initiative plans a meeting to which approximately 22,000 people were registered.

Alleged evidence of conspiracy has been falsified

Supporters of the Corona protests scheduled for Saturday in Berlin share a critical article from heute.de on Twitter. The conspirators claim that the article reports on Saturday’s demonstrations and that the ZDF wrote it in advance.

In fact, the article generally looks at the behavior of corona owners towards police officers during demonstrations. The date displayed has apparently been manipulated. The article appeared on heute.de on Friday. It was also published on the news broadcast’s Twitter account on Friday:

Scholz: “Anyone who demonstrates peacefully over the weekend should do so”

Federal Finance Minister and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) asked the participants in the anti-corona demonstration in Berlin on Saturday to remain peaceful and adhere to hygiene rules. “Anyone who demonstrates peacefully over the weekend must do so – and abide by the well-known rules of hygiene and distance,” said Scholz of the Düsseldorf “Rheinische Post”. “The right to demonstrate is a valuable asset in our democracy, as is the protection of the health of the citizens.” The same goes for the police.

“Governments and courts need to weigh that up on a case-by-case basis and on the spot. You can’t decide based on political preferences,” Scholz said of the court’s decision to allow the originally banned Corona final.

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz: Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz: “The right to demonstrate is a valuable asset in our democracy.” (Source: photothek / image images)

“New dimension” – police expect violent protesters

Police are also preparing for violent protesters. Police Vice President Marco Langner said social networks across Europe were called upon to meet in Berlin, even in the event of a ban. There was also an open call for arms. “This openly stated willingness to use force against the state represents a new dimension for us,” said Langner. To cope with the operation on Saturday, the police say they have 3,000 rescuers. She takes into account as many as 30,000 protesters.

The next court will allow Corona demos – hundreds in front of the Brandenburg Gate

The corona demos in Berlin may continue. This has now also been confirmed by the Higher Administrative Court. Corona opponents came to the Brandenburg Gate on Friday. The police are ready with a large number. Read more about it here.

PRO & CON: Court overturns ban – “This decision is unbearable”

The demonstration against the corona policy in Berlin, which was initially prohibited, can now – but only under certain conditions – still take place. A good decision? Read more about it here.

The great mistrust – a visit to the Corona protest camp

The next Corona demo in Berlin is now taking place. Thousands of opponents of the measures are already in the capital. Chillreport looked around and spoke to the protesters. Read more about it here.

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