They were missing – but now police found a mother and her 13-year-old daughter dead in a forest. The case raises many questions. There is still nothing to suggest a crime.

After a large-scale search, the police found a 50-year-old reported missing and her 13-year-old daughter dead in a forest in Northern Hesse. Police said there was no evidence of a crime. The cause of death is the subject of the investigation, a police spokesman said.

The doctor could only determine death

The search for the two missing persons had been going on since Friday afternoon. According to information from the population, the car of the 50-year-old was found on an unpaved road in the Habichtswald district of the Kassel district. In addition to numerous police officers, a police helicopter and a rescue dog team were also deployed in the search. In the night of Saturday, the search was first stopped and then intensified again with the withdrawal of daylight, the police said.

On Saturday afternoon, police officers discovered the two lifeless people in the forest near Habichtswald-Dörnberg (Kassel district), who had no doubt been identified as the missing 50-year-old and her daughter. An immediately notified doctor could only determine the deaths of the two.

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