Police shoot a 13-year-old autist in Utah

Another incident of police brutality in the US? Officials face harsh criticism after seriously injuring a mentally unstable 13-year-old with multiple gunshots.

In the US state of Utah, an autistic child was seriously injured by police gunfire. As American media reported, the mentally unstable 13-year-old was injured in the American city of Salt Lake City from the bullets to the shoulder, ankle, intestines and bladder.

The boy’s mother had called the officers for help, she told local broadcaster KUTV. The boy with Asperger’s syndrome became anxious because he stayed home alone while she returned to work for the first time in about a year. She told police via an emergency call that her autistic son was unarmed and just screamed because he wanted attention and couldn’t control his emotions.

“He’s a little boy”

A police spokesman from Salt Lake City, Utah, cited reports of a youth who had threatened people with a gun. When the boy did not follow an officer’s instructions and walked away, the policeman fired. A weapon was not found in the youth.

The incident took place on Friday last week, but only became known to a larger audience via media reports on Tuesday. “He’s a little kid. Why didn’t you just grab him?”, The mother said tearfully to the television station. The police can be expected to de-escalate in such a situation and use as little violence as possible.

Mayor Erin Mendenhall called for a swift and transparent investigation. The Neurodiverse Utah Association, which advocates for autism acceptance, criticized the police for being called to help and doing more damage instead. The conclusion is probably that you should never call the police if you have a psychological crisis.

In the national debate on police brutality, a case from the city of Rochester is currently also the subject of discussion. There, a man walking naked on the street under the influence of drugs died as a result of a brutal police operation.

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