US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called China’s ruling Communist Party a “predator”. He made the remarks while speaking to reporters during a 12-hour visit to Sri Lanka on Wednesday. According to a report by Qatar-based Al Jazeera.Mike pompeo

According to the report, the US Secretary of State made the comment while visiting a country where China is heavily invested. Diplomatic relations between the two countries are also quite good.

During his talks with Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the US Secretary of State specifically spoke on security cooperation. It is learned that he also went to China by surprise in that meeting.

Speaking to reporters, Pompeo stated that a strong sovereign Sri Lanka is an important strategic partner of the United States on the world stage.

“We want the sovereignty and independence of the people of Sri Lanka to remain intact,” he said. We want to see them succeed. We want sustainable development for them.

Pompeo said that Washington was providing military training to Sri Lanka. Two ships have recently been donated to the country’s coastline.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka posted a video of “Alien vs. Hunter” on Twitter, referring to Pompeo’s comments.

The Chinese Embassy tweeted, “Sorry Foreign Minister Pompio! We are committed to Sino-Sri Lankan friendship and cooperation. We have no interest in inviting you to play ‘Alien vs. Hunter’.

A statement from the Chinese Embassy in Colombo prior to Pompeo’s visit expressed concern about the visit. The statement said that China’s relationship with Sri Lanka is 2,000 years old. Consequently, no third party is required to determine any position between the two countries. Beijing rejected US efforts to threaten Sri Lanka over its relations with China. Source: Reuters

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