Tension in the Vatican: Pope Francis presents a new policy document. For example, the head of the church is expected to respond to the social upheavals of the corona crisis.

Great framework for a circular: Pope Francis wrote a new social encyclical about better coexistence during the corona phase. The title of the font “Fratelli tutti” initially caused dissatisfaction.

After a five-year hiatus, there is a new encyclical of Pope Francis. The policy paper is about justice in the world and human cohesion. The Vatican will present the new social encyclical on Sunday afternoon in Rome.

First trip since the start of the Corona crisis

The head of the Catholic Church had signed the document Saturday after a mass in the Italian pilgrimage site of Assisi in Umbria. It is Francis’s third such letter of education since he took office in 2013. The consequences of the corona pandemic should also play a role in the circular. The encyclical has the Italian title “Fratelli tutti”.

The 83-year-old Pope traveled from the Vatican to the birth and death city of his namesake, St. Francis of Assisi, on Saturday to sign. With the symbolic gesture he underlined the importance of the encyclical. It was the Argentinian’s first voyage since the start of the corona pandemic. As a precaution, the papal states stopped the Pope’s travel activities in March. A spokesman for the Franciscans in Assisi spoke of a “historic moment” for the religious community.

An encyclical is a central message to the Catholic faithful and to Church leaders. The content will be published by the Vatican on the Sunday following the Pope’s Angelus Prayer, which starts at noon.

The full text of “Fratelli tutti” will also reveal how the title was translated into other languages. When it was first announced, it was provisionally translated into German as the address for “All Brothers”. This had quickly led to discontent among women in the Church. They did not feel included. Church experts pointed out that the words go back to the medieval Saint Francis of Assisi. Both the Pope and the Pope actually had “universal brotherhood” in mind, wrote the Catholic media portal Vatican News.

“Said and wrote in a scattered place”

Additionally, experts expect the Pope to include many of his recent speeches and thoughts in the letter. “‘Fratelli tutti’ summarizes much of what the Pope has said and written in scattered places over the past few months,” said Gudrun Sailer of Vatican News.

She referred to the subject of dialogue between religions. The Pope will likely revive a 2019 document (“The Brotherhood of All Humans – For Peaceful Coexistence in the World”) for the encyclical. Francis had signed it in February 2019 along with Cairo’s great Imam, Ahmad Mohammad Al-Tayyeb, in Abu Dhabi. This is a high Islamic dignitary.

Francis has written two encyclicals since he took office in March 2013: 2013 (“Lumen fidei – Light of Faith”) and 2015 (“Laudato si – On care for the common home”). His “Environmental Encyclical” received a lot of international attention five years ago as a call to rethink climate protection.

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