Possession of child pornography? Indictment against Christoph Metzelder

The public prosecutor of Düsseldorf has brought charges against Christoph Metzelder. The ex-footballer is apparently accused of having photos of child sexual abuse. The court will now decide on the opening of the proceedings.

Charges have been filed against ex-DFB player Christoph Metzelder. A spokeswoman for the Düsseldorf court confirmed this to the dpa news agency on Thursday. The charge has been received. ‘The file is with us. The procedure is now with us. ‘ The court spokeswoman did not want to share which allegations the charges are about. The court must now decide on the opening of the proceedings.

The “Express” claims to have learned from legal circles that Metzelder is accused of distributing and possessing child pornographic material. That was also reported by “Bild”. At the request of the WDR, the Düsseldorf prosecutor did not want to confirm or deny the charges, but issued a press release before Friday.

The Hamburg prosecution had already confirmed in September 2019 that they had opened an investigation against 39-year-old Metzelder. As a result, search warrants were enforced on the private property of former Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Schalke 04 professionals. Metzelder is himself taking legal action against the allegations.

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