Tax cases, questionable payments at the 2006 World Cup – there are many scandals at the DFB. Fritz Keller wanted to keep the association quiet. But the president got into a fight with his general secretary.

A good year ago, the election of Fritz Keller as DFB president promised peace at the top of the German Football Association. Keller, who left quiet Breisgau for the DFB, as a man especially for the sales representative. DFB Secretary General Friedrich Curtius, who had been with the association for years, was the man for business. Two different characters, but hopefully two that complement each other perfectly. Apparently a blatant misjudgment.

As the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” reports, the two DFB officials separate deep rifts. Curtius will not attend the DFB executive committee meeting this Friday. He followed the “request of a member of the presidency,” the “SZ” quoted from an email Curtius sent to his colleague in the presidency. The 44-year-old was initially unavailable for comment. In response to a request from the dpa, the DFB announced that it would not comment on “the media speculation”.

Keller threatens a “vote of confidence”

Keller should want Curtius’s contract terminated. The newspaper “Bild” had previously reported that the DFB president wanted to issue a “vote of confidence” in the plight. Curtius has served as General Secretary at the DFB since 2016, before heading the office of then DFB President Wolfgang Niersbach.

According to “Sportbuzzer”, Keller must also accuse his general secretary of failing to prevent DFL boss Christian Seifert from leaving the important board of the DFB. More about this here.

According to “SZ”, Curtius wrote to his colleagues in the presidium that he and Keller on Wednesday were trying to clear up existing misunderstandings. Unfortunately, no reliable solution was found in the conversation. He suggested joint mediation to Keller.

Who will take over at Uefa?

At the presidency meeting on Friday, Keller also wants to announce, according to “Bild”, that he does not want to run for an international office. Rainer Koch, Vice President of the DFB, who has been a member there since March, will remain a member of the Uefa Executive Committee. For the council of the world association Fifa, the DFB wants to propose Peter Peters, who is also vice-president of the DFB. The former CFO of FC Schalke 04 is also head of the DFL’s supervisory board. In March, Uefa will appoint its representatives to the highest FIFA committee, which has no German representatives since the resignation of former DFB chairman Reinhard Grindel.

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