Pranab’s blood pressure is stable in ventilation

The blood pressure of former President of India Pranab Mukherjee has stabilized. Although he is in a deep coma on ventilation with a lung infection. On Thursday, the Army Hospital in Delhi said that he was undergoing treatment due to lung infection and changes in kidney parameters.

On 9 August, the former President of India fell in the toilet of his Rajaji Marg and suffered a head injury. Blood clots form in his brain. On 10 August, he was admitted to the Army Hospital in Delhi. At that time, clotted blood was surgically removed. But he did not regain consciousness after surgery. He then went into a deep coma. During routine physical examination before surgery, Pranab was diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

Earlier in Wednesday’s bulletin, the army hospital said that Pranab Mukherjee’s kidney parameters had changed. The doctors became a little worried about this.

The Army Hospital reported last week that the infection had spread to his lungs while he was in ventilator support and coma. However, there is some improvement in this leader on Thursday. On Thursday, his breathing was slightly reduced. The hospital said that there was no change in Pranab Babu’s condition from Friday to Tuesday. Source: The Wall

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