Birmingham (AP) – As baffled as after Liverpool’s 2: 7 (1: 4) defeat at Aston Villa, Coach Jürgen Klopp has rarely seen it.

“I don’t know if I can explain that,” he said on Sunday evening after the debacle, visibly confused at the Sky Sports broadcaster. “But I can tell you what I saw. I saw a game where Aston Villa played very, very well for various reasons and forced us to make all the mistakes we made.”

You have to go back several decades in Liverpool FC history to find a match where the Reds got seven goals. In April 1963, the Reds were also beaten by Tottenham Hotspur 2: 7. “I’ve seen everything in football, but that doesn’t mean I have a solution for everything,” said Klopp. “We have clearly lost track. You could already see in the first half how the body language drops.”

Villa newcomer Ollie Watkins, who narrowly missed promotion at second division Brentford FC last season and had never scored in the Premier League, scored in the first half (4th / 22nd / 39th minute) against the English football champion. John McGinn (35th) also met. “We should have fended off better,” said Klopp rightly. “Tonight we did all the things that shouldn’t happen in a football game.”

After the break, Ross Barkley (55th), whose professional career started with Liverpool’s local rival Everton, increased to 5-1. Villa captain Jack Grealish, who made it 1-0, managed a brace (66th / 75th). Mohamed Salah’s (33rd / 60th) goals were too few on a night when the Reds’ defense just didn’t work.

British Prince William, a recognized Aston Villa fan, tweeted an emoji of applause after the final whistle. While Villa is entering the international break after the best start to the season since 1962, Liverpool are fifth.

The two-week break after the debacle is annoying for Coach Klopp. “I’d love to have a workout tomorrow and Tuesday and talk to the guys about it,” he said. “Hopefully they will be back safely and we can use the two days to prepare for Everton.” The fudge are leaders.

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