The US presidential election is over – and it was more nerve-wracking than many before. Media around the world are commenting on Joe Biden’s victory. Many warn against being overly optimistic.

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After Donald Trump’s four-year presidency of the United States, relief over the news of Joe Biden’s election victory has provoked mixed reactions. Media around the world commented on the election results:

CNN commentator Van Jones, USA: “This is a great thing for us, just to get some rest and have a chance to start over. The news is satisfying for many who have suffered. This is a good day for our country.”

Irish Times, Dublin“It sheds a remarkably bad light on an embarrassing presidency that Donald Trump’s loss of power is mostly mourned by the autocrats of the world. In Trump they found a sympathizer, an advocate, and an enabler who was equally eager for democratic values ​​to the liberal. destroy order and turn it inside out, as they do.In contrast, Trump’s departure and his replacement by Joe Biden will be a tremendous relief to America’s traditional allies struggling to adapt to a world Washington gave his leadership position and treated his oldest friends as hostile rivals. “

The Observer, Great Britain: While this is indeed a cause for celebration, it is also a moment of humility and reflection. Joe Biden received a record number of votes – over 74 million, or nearly 51 percent. Trump’s total rose by more than 70 million. , the second highest turnout of all time, for the highest turnout since 1900. These extraordinary numbers alone show the depths of the passions and divisions that haunt and plague America today. They are a warning…. challenges many will wonder if Biden, who will soon turn 78, can stay on track.

But much more important than his age is the fact that he is a decent, honest and experienced statesman. After so much bitterness and hatred, he is the seasoned consensus builder the US and the world need. If anyone can repair the damage Trump has done and restore America politically and materially, it is him. Most importantly, at this critical moment, Biden proved himself a winner. The cheers are completely justified. “

The Telegraph, Great Britain“Historians will likely conclude that Joe Biden won in large part because he was not Donald Trump. And hopefully, from the breadth of his coalition, which includes disaffected Republicans, he will conclude that he must now van Biden’s victory in an anti- Translate Trump referendum into elections for an agenda that truly brings people together.

The good news is that, as Boris Johnson has pointed out, Britain is eager to help on the world stage. However, Biden must learn from Trump’s success in controlling Iran and not return to the Obama-era failed foreign policy. We must also hope that he overcomes his technocratic and emotional opposition to Brexit: Britain is leaving the EU, there is no more shaking. “

” Chillreport”, Germany: Joe Biden will scarcely escalate the situation further, but rather create a better transatlantic climate. But he cannot claim that Trump never existed. That was the support for the current president. Despite his breathtaking tenure too. big in the election. And who can predict who the Americans will vote for in 2024?

Washington Post, USA: “The weight of office weighed on Joe Biden long before he was elected president. Now that the title belongs to him, the amount of work ahead of him is almost unimaginable. But the glory of this day, this moment, is not so much that. what Biden has accepted, but what he has allowed so much in this country. “

“New York Times”, USA: “Joe Biden emerged as a down-to-earth and conventional presence for the “soul of the country”. He correctly judged the character of the country and took advantage of President Trump’s missteps. “

“De Standaard”, Belgium: Donald Trump’s presidency was a journalistic challenge. In addition to his (…) nativism and misogyny, he shone with alternative facts and allegations. (…) Biden inherits a deeply divided country with fragmented power structures. The Democrats occupy it. The White House and the House of Representatives, the Republicans dominate the Senate and to some extent the Supreme Court. These contradictions could lead to a new impasse. Despite the immense challenges. This possible inability to act is the breeding ground for Trump’s intellectual freeriders. “

“Tages-Anzeiger”, Switzerland: “Probably no one in America believes that Biden’s victory alone will solve the country’s enormous problems. , the feeling that the main institutions – politics, economics, media – have moved away from large sections of the population. “

Many international benefactors from the political world also expressly addressed their congratulations to elected US President Joe Biden and his team, Vice President Kamala Harris, who were elected along with him. So also Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU): “I wish him luck and success from the bottom of my heart and also congratulate Kamala Harris, her country’s elected first female vice president,” she wrote on Saturday.

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