Prime Minister of Japan is Yoshihida Suga

Japan’s ruling party has nominated Yoshihide Suga in place of Shinzo Abe. As a result, he is going to become the next Prime Minister of Japan. British media BBC reported this.

Shinzo Abe announced his resignation last month due to health reasons.

Suga, 61, has served as the Chief Cabinet Secretary in the current administration. The party hoped for the nomination of a new Prime Minister. He is known to be close to Abhay and he is expected to continue his predecessor policy.

He received 36 out of 534 votes to be elected leader of the Conservative Democratic Party (LDP). Two of his rivals were former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and former LDP general secretary Shigeru Ishiba.

With Soga’s expected victory in the party’s vote, he is now on the verge of being elected in Wednesday’s parliamentary vote. The ruling Liberal Democratic Alliance has a majority in Parliament.

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