Professionals in constant use – Because of Corona: Wolfsburg coach Glasner fears overload

Wolfsburg (dpa) – VfL Wolfsburg trainer Oliver Glasner is deeply concerned about the enormous stress his team is causing by the corona in the exceptional season of professional football.

“The current situation is that the players go to work every day for months, have a seven-day week. And if you are busy every day, at some point you will not perform well, and that does not only apply to football, that applies. for any profession, in any position, ”the Austrian said in a“ Sportbuzzer ”interview.

In addition to their matches in the DFB Cup and the Bundesliga, the Wolfsburg-based company also wants to reach the Europa League group stage in three preliminary rounds from next week. If they can do that, they would have nine international games than most other Bundesliga clubs by Christmas.

According to Glasner, the load on the player’s head is greater than that on the body. “In football, we’re used to having two months of preparation, then nine months of competition with a winter break, then a month of vacation. If you tell that to an athletic, he’ll ask you, how should that work? Maybe he’s preparing. in three and a half years for the Olympic Games ”, said the 45-year-old VfL coach.

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