It was researched for nearly twenty years – without success. Investigators have not yet been able to find out who killed the then nine-year-old Peggy. Now the case is closed.

More than 19 years after the disappearance of the then nine-year-old Peggy from Oberfranken, the investigation has been halted. The suspicion against a funeral director could not be substantiated, the Bayreuth prosecutor announced on Thursday. The newspaper “Bild” had reported about it before.

Undertaker withdrew his confession

The girl disappeared on May 7, 2001 on her way home from school. In July 2016, parts of her skeleton were found in a forest near Rodacherbrunn in the Saale-Orla district of Thuringia, just under 20 kilometers from Peggy’s birthplace Lichtenberg (Hof district). Exactly how she died is still unclear.

A man from the Wunsiedel district admitted two years ago that he had taken the dead girl into the woods with his car. However, he denied killing Peggy. At the time, he took over the lifeless child from a friend at a bus stop. The undertaker later retracted his confession.

Multiple suspects but no result

According to the prosecution, the information is insufficient for a murder charge. Other charges, such as thwarting punishment, are time-barred and can no longer be tried.

The Peggy investigation has drawn several suspects over the years. The case of a mentally handicapped man, who was convicted by a court of Peggy’s murder in 2004 but acquitted in a retrial ten years later, became particularly prominent. In addition, researchers discovered DNA traces of the NSU terrorist Uwe Böhnhardt at the site where Peggy’s skeleton was found. This later turned out to be an infection from a forensic device.

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