He called an AfD MP “disgusting bastard” and showed him the middle finger. This action could have consequences for Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow.

The Erfurt prosecutor’s office has requested that the immunity of Thuringian Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (left) be waived. It concerns the charge of insult, as a spokesman for the prosecutor said on Wednesday. The “Thüringer Allgemeine” had previously reported about it.

The background is an incident in the Thuringian state parliament in mid-July, when Ramelow showed AfD member Stefan Möller of the government bank the middle finger. He also called him a “disgusting bastard” and later repeated this for the camera. Möller then filed a complaint. Read more about it here.

Prosecution sees initial suspicion

According to the Thuringian state parliament, the application for the waiver of Ramelow’s immunity has already been received. Ramelow has immunity because he is also a Member of Parliament. In Thuringia, the judicial committee must find a solution for the waiver of the immunity of a Member of Parliament. The chairman of this committee is Möller himself.

The investigation does not begin until the committee has lifted Ramelow’s immunity. According to the public prosecutor, the application was preceded by an initial check whether the allegations gave rise to an initial suspicion.

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