Fifteen pro-democracy activists have been accused of insulting the King of Thailand. The lawsuit was filed under the country’s most arrogant sedition law. Before a major demonstration, the activists called the king to hand over the royal property. British media The Guardian reported this.

Thailand’s influential royal family has been protected by one of the world’s strictest defamation laws. The law provides for imprisonment of 15 years for any defamation, insult or threat to the king, queen and their heirs or representatives.

Under the law, anyone can sue anyone. Human rights groups have called the law a “black law”. During the ongoing protests, protesters are demanding repeal of the law and several reforms.

Chirac confirmed on Wednesday evening that he had been called in a case of treason. “I am not afraid to tell those who want to misuse this section of the Criminal Code,” he wrote on Twitter.

As he has written further, the breakdown has begun. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.

A Thai police source told Reuters that a total of 15 protesters were called in to comment on King’s behavior, lifestyle and expenses.

Police did not confirm any details at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

The Thai government has been struggling to contain youth-led protests that have surfaced in recent months. Protests that started from the university campus spread throughout the country. The protesters are demanding major reforms in the Thai monarchy.

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