Supporters of defeated President Donald Trump have begun protests in “battleground” states such as Pennsylvania and Michigan after confirming Joe Biden’s victory. Hundreds of protesters gathered on Saturday (8 November) to dismiss the election result. They call it media manipulation. This information was obtained from the report of the British media The Guardian.

Hundreds of Trump supporters began protests on Saturday at the State Capitol Building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, soon after Joe Biden’s victory was confirmed. Yorktown State Representative Mike Jones said, Mike we need to make sure every valid vote is cast and the election is fair. If we push the country towards socialism, it does not mean that the Left has overtaken us. The reason is that good men and women have not been able to do anything. ‘

Many have complained that the media and big technology companies have followed Trump from the beginning. “The media has announced the results,” said Harrisburg resident Mary Wallace. The government did not recognize the vote. So there is still a possibility of anything. ‘

He said, Tr Donald Trump stay four more years. I want nothing more than this. ‘

Among those protesting were the Angry Viking Patriots, a militia group from the US and Pennsylvania Three Percenters. “I sincerely hope that this case will be taken to the Supreme Court,” said Dylan Stinsey of Angry Vikings. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a matter of general knowledge. I sincerely hope Trump will challenge the outcome and he should do so. “

Trump supporters have also been seen protesting in another swing state, Michigan. Although Trump won the state in 2016, this time Biden has won there. Rejecting the result, the protesters shouted slogans like “We won” and “We have four more years”.

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