Protests in Belarus: Opposition Kolesnikova has been charged

The violently arrested opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova is being charged: investigators see her as a threat to the country. She is said to want to take power illegally.

In Belarus, imprisoned opposition politician Maria Kolesnikova was accused on Wednesday of endangering state security. Despite international protests, the 38-year-old has been in custody for more than a week. Kolesnikova herself has filed a complaint against the police and the KGB secret service for death threats. Her lawyer Lyudmila Kasak denied the allegations that the opposition politician tried to illegally take power as absurd.

Kolesnikova’s goal is to harm the country

In contrast, the investigating authority said on Wednesday that Kolesnikova had used the internet and the mass media to call for actions against national security. Its purpose was to harm the land. Under the penal code of the ex-Soviet Republic, there is a risk of two to five years in prison.

Kolesnikova was ordered to leave Belarus under threat of physical violence following her kidnapping last Monday. She should be deported to neighboring Ukraine. The security forces had told her, “alive or dismembered,” she wrote in her ad. Kolesnikova then ripped her passport at the border crossing, preventing her deportation. Her lawyer complained that Kolesnikova still had not undergone a forensic examination. She suffered from bruises and bruises.

Kolesnikowa, who has been active in Stuttgart’s cultural scene for years, supports the massive protests against President Alexander Lukashenko. Others called for the unapproved actions. She repeatedly warned against violence. In recent days, many arrests have taken place at rallies for the release of Kolesnikova.

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