In Dresden, a police officer threatened a participant in an anti-fascist demonstration with the use of a weapon. A video on social networks showing that the scene caused outrage. The incident is now being investigated.

The behavior of a police chief during a demonstration with about 250 participants on Sunday in Dresden is being investigated after public criticism. In a video distributed on Twitter, he said, “Push me and you’ll take a bullet.” He puts his hand over his service weapon to prevent it from being taken, the police announced in the evening.

“The verdict fell like this,” confirmed police chief Jörg Kubiessa. “The colleague admitted it and apologized for it.” The incident must be investigated – taking into account the circumstances. According to Kubiessa, the situation was “hectic and confusing”. However, Kubiessa saw no reason for disciplinary action, as requested in comments on the Internet. “The bottom line, however, is that it is undisputed to me that such a phrase should not be used.”

Police officer was harassed by masked participants

According to the police, a smoking pot had been thrown from the meeting. When the chief of operations wanted to secure this as evidence, he was harassed by 25 to 30 masked participants. “The officer felt a chest shock,” he said. Securing the service weapon in such a situation was “correct and absolutely appropriate,” said Kubiessa.

However, the official’s only conduct contradicts the principles of self-protection. According to the statement, the officer has credibly assured “that using the firearm, or even the threat of it, was never an option for him.”

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