Filling the plate with nutritious and healthy food will keep weight under control. Not only for weight loss, but also for good health. Find out which 5 vegetables you want to eat regularly if you want to shed excess fat.

Put spinach in a plate everyday. It contains iron, potassium and fiber. You can use spinach in salads or omelets. This vegetable will not let you get close to the extra weight, as well as keeps the heart healthy. Spinach is also effective in keeping away from diabetes and cancer.
Brokli is called the power house of nutrition. These vegetables contain calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron. Add low-calorie and high-fiber broccoli to your daily diet.
If you want to lose weight, do not forget to add capsicum to the leaves. These vegetables are rich in vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin E, B6 and folate. By having plenty of water and fiber, it helps to increase metabolism. The result is rapid weight loss. Colored capsicum can be used in salads. You can eat it lightly fried in olive oil along with any vegetable.
Eat tomatoes rich in antioxidants regularly. It will help in reducing weight along with keeping away from various diseases. Tomatoes can be eaten in salads as well as vegetables.
Sweet potato
Fiber-rich sweet potato can be a wonderful meal. Boil it and eat it daily.

Information – Times of India

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