A few months after Russia announced the discovery of the “world’s first” coronovirus vaccine, President Vladimir Putin himself did not take the vaccine. The Kremlin quoted a CNN source as saying. However, he said that a daughter of the Russian president was given the vaccine called ‘Sputnik V’.

Russia announced approval of Sputnik V as the world’s first vaccine. However, soon after Russia announced the approval of the vaccine, various countries began to express concern about its safety. Although the vaccine was approved before the third round of testing, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the vaccine was applied to his daughter’s body. The girl’s body temperature rose slightly, but no other side effects were noted. Although the vaccine was given to Putin’s daughter, the Russian president himself did not receive it.

The Kremlin said on Tuesday that Putin cannot be vaccinated without a final test. Russia’s top health care workers, teachers and many top officials have been vaccinated. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the president cannot use unverified vaccines. However, Peskov did not explain the difference between ‘certified’ and ‘approved’. He said that mass vaccination has not started yet. And of course the head of state cannot be vaccinated as a volunteer. this is impossible. Peskov said that the trial would end soon. And if he feels it is necessary, he will tell people about it.

The day Sputnik V’s developers announced that the vaccine was effective, cheap and easy to transport, news of Putin’s non-vaccination came to light.

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