Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered to provide free Russian-invented Sputnik-V vaccine to UN employees. “We are ready to share our experiences and we want to continue our cooperation with all countries,” he told the General Assembly in a virtual session. According to a New York Post report, it contains a Russian vaccine.

Russia approved its first corona vaccine last August. There are concerns in the international arena about the vaccine being approved before all stages of the clinical trial are passed. The New York Post reports that Putin has offered the vaccine to other countries, despite doubts about Sputnik-V.

“Russia is ready to provide all necessary assistance to the United Nations,” he said. We are giving free vaccines exclusively to employees of the United Nations and its offices. ‘

While approving the vaccine, Putin stated that the vaccine’s effectiveness and permanent preventive safety have been proven. One of his daughters also got vaccinated. Earlier this month, however, a team of international researchers asked the inventors of the Sputnik-V vaccine to clarify the vaccine research data in an open letter. Russian researchers have also acknowledged the limitations of the data.

The article, published in Lancet magazine, claimed that the second phase of the vaccine trial showed that antibodies were produced in 40 volunteers. They were seen for 42 days. However, the sample has been applied to very few people.

Anthony Fawcett, an infectious disease specialist in the United States, has expressed doubts about the Russian vaccine, saying that there are serious doubts about its effectiveness and safety. But Putin said on Tuesday that “some UN colleagues have asked for help.” I can not overcome them. ‘

“I thank President Putin for his generous offer,” UN spokesman Stephen Dujarric said. The matter will be researched through our medical services. ‘

The World Health Organization has not commented on the matter. However, last Monday, Russian media reported that Hans Klug, director of the World Health Organization for Europe, praised the vaccine. He met Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murasko.

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