Marjorie Taylor Greene, defender of the right-wing Republican QAnon, moves to the US House of Representatives. Your rival candidate in the state of Georgia has already given up.

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A supporter of right-wing conspiracy theory, QAnon was elected to the United States House of Representatives during the US congressional election. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene is expected to triumph over her Democratic rival in Georgia. The 46-year-old, who had never run for political office, spoke of a “big win” on Twitter.

The central claim of the supporters of QAnon is that there is a conspiracy against US President Donald Trump in the deeper layers of the US government apparatus. They also often claim that prominent Democratic Party politicians in the United States have been treated with hormones made from the blood of children.

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Several Republican leaders have condemned the QAnon theories. President Donald Trump struggled with it several times – and explicitly supported Greene.

In the House of Representatives, which is in full vote, the Democrats so far have a majority of 232 of the 435 seats. 218 votes are required for a majority. In the early forecasts, the Democrats managed to win seats.

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