The man who hit the gate of the Chancellery in Berlin before the summit of the Bund-Länder is free again. His motive is still unclear.

The 54-year-old man who rammed into a gate of the Federal Chancellery in Berlin with a car on Wednesday has been released from police custody. Investigation into the case continued, a police spokeswoman said in the capital on Thursday.

The spokeswoman still could not provide information about the driver’s motive. There is currently no warrant for the arrest of the perpetrator. Wednesday morning, the man drove a car a little into a gate in the security area in front of the chancellery. The car and grille were slightly damaged in the incident. Political slogans were used to describe both sides of the car.

Slogans were smeared on the car

The photos and videos showed a station wagon hitting the iron bars in front of the entrance. There were white markings on the sides of the vehicle. It said “Stop globalization policy”, on the other side, “You goddamn children and old people killers.”

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior confirmed on Wednesday that the same man had already rammed a gate of the Federal Chancellery in 2014. Even then it was a station wagon with slogans on both sides.

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