Rebensburg dismissal: Felix Neureuther is “shocked”

Felix Neureuther was totally surprised by the resignation of the exceptional ski racer Viktoria Rebensburg. Two weeks ago, he saw no signs of it, said the Olympic champion’s former teammate.

Former ski star Felix Neureuther reacted with deep regret at the surprising end of the career of exceptional ski racer Viktoria Rebensburg. “This is a huge turning point for German ski racing. I have to say I was shocked to hear about her dismissal,” the 36-year-old told the German news agency on Tuesday. Neureuther retired from racing in March 2019 and has been working as an expert for ARD since last winter.

Neureuther reported that he had met Rebensburg two weeks ago and “spoke to her normally.” There was still no resignation. He values ​​Rebenburg “not only as an athlete, but also as a great personality”, which the German Ski Association (DSV) will of course miss very much this winter. “But Vicky can look back on a great career, she has won everything. We can only congratulate her on that,” stressed Neureuther. “Now a new phase of life begins for you.”

Women’s national team coach Jürgen Graller praised Rebensburg as a “really cool personality” that the whole team will miss. “You cannot replace Vicky Rebensburg. She was clearly our number one athlete in recent years. Now we have to bake small sandwiches first. But it can also inspire the young drivers,” said Graller of the dpa. In a conversation last Tuesday at the training camp in Zermatt, there were signs of her dismissal. “She trained well, she is fit and healthy. But her goal is to compete for victories in the three disciplines of downhill, super-G and giant slalom. I can absolutely understand her decision. But of course it is a shame because she is from us. Was a figurehead. “

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