More than a thousand drivers were forced to spend the night in a car on a road on Thursday due to record amounts of snow in a part of Japan. The road connecting Tokyo and Niigata, which runs along Japan’s sea coast, was hit by a handful of motorists for the first time Wednesday night. However, as the amount of snowfall is increasing, the number of vehicles getting stuck on Thursday also continues to increase. At one point, the queue of stranded cars became nearly ten miles long. This information came from the report of the British Media Guardian.

The country’s self-defense army is trying to provide food, blankets and fuel oil to drivers forced to spend the night in cars. The Japan Meteorological Agency said heavy snowfall could continue in the region until Friday. He also warned drivers about snow-covered roads and glaciers.

Nearly 10,000 homes have no electricity due to heavy snowfall on the central and northern coasts of Japan. Due to this incident, the country’s government has sat in an emergency meeting. Japan’s state broadcaster NHK reported snowfall of up to two meters in the Niigata and Gamma regions in the past.

Many drivers who have been forced to spend the night in their cars have complained that they are not getting any information about the situation. “I couldn’t sleep and I was scared because I couldn’t find any information about the situation,” said Yoshinbo Wakia, another driver. It is a state of life and death. “

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