Saudi Arabia has begun enrollment of citizens and foreign residents for the coronovirus vaccine. The country’s state news agency Saudi Press Agency (SPA) gave this information on Tuesday. This registration process is in progress online.
Citizens and residents were not told whether the vaccine would be given. However, the Ministry of Health has claimed that the vaccine has passed all types of tests and is able to prove its immunity.
There are plans to deliver this vaccine in three phases. In the first phase, this vaccine will be given the highest risk. Among these, patients above 65 years of age will have stroke, asthma, diabetes and kidney disease. In the second phase, the vaccine will be given to stroke, asthma, diabetes and kidney patients over the age of 50.
Finally, anyone who wants to get this vaccine will be given it.
The Saudi Health Ministry said that those who would be vaccinated would be informed of the possible side effects in advance.

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