Renowned British journalist and analyst Robert Fisk has passed away. The Irish Times reported on Monday that she thought she died of brain haemorrhage. He was 74. Journalists around the world have mourned Fisk’s death.

Robert fisk

Earlier on Friday, Robert Wisk was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin after becoming ill. He died right there.

In 2005, the New York Times named the Middle East correspondent of the influential British newspaper The Independent “perhaps the most famous foreign correspondent in the United Kingdom”. Robert Fisk was a fierce critic of the United States and Israel. He was also a critic of Western foreign policy.

During his long career, Fisk has won several prestigious awards, including the Orwell Award for Journalism. He has also received several British Press Awards.

Robert Fisk was born in 1948 in Maidstone, United Kingdom. He later took Irish citizenship. Fisk joined the Times in 1982, starting his career as a journalist on Sunday Express. In 1986, he went to Beirut to work as an envoy to the Middle East. In his long career as a journalist in the Middle East, he covered the Lebanese Civil War, the Iranian Rebellion, the Iraq-Iran War, and the Soviet Union’s military operations in Afghanistan.

Fiske joined The Independent in 1989 and was the organization’s Middle East representative until his death. On behalf of the Independent, he covered Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait and the recent war in Syria. He has also written in detail on the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia.

Robert Fisk interviewed Osama bin Laden three times in the 1990s.

Irish President Michael D Higgins has expressed deep sorrow over the death of Robert Fisk. He says the journalism world has lost one of the best commentators in the Middle East in the death of Robert Fisk.

Journalists around the world are paying tribute to Robert Fisk on social media.

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