American investigative reporter Bob Woodward sees major problems for the country in the American elections. Donald Trump has flouted voting rights so far – and it could get worse.

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American investigative journalist and author Bob Woodward (77) does not want to rule out serious consequences in the event of President Donald Trump’s electoral defeat. “He’s acting suspiciously. The unthinkable can happen here,” Woodward said in an interview with Spiegel magazine.

“It is actually one of the president’s duties to ensure the peaceful transfer of power and the integrity of the electoral process. Trump, on the other hand, has flouted the most fundamental right Americans have, the right to vote, and said,” We won’t know who has been chosen. The elections threaten an unprecedented degree of chaos and disorganization. “

Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden leads national polls less than two weeks before the November 3 election, but Woodward doesn’t rule out a Trump victory either. Well, he could very well win. A number of people think it is impossible. I don’t trust the polls. ‘

“Intuitive, Not Intellectual”

Woodward explains Trump’s electoral victory four years ago: “I believe the old order died in the United States in 2016. Both major parties, Republicans and Democrats, have not recognized the moment. They have sensitivities in the population. she did not perceive, Trump, on the other hand, understood them in an amazing way: intuitively, not intellectually.

Woodward doesn’t consider Trump presidential for his handling of the corona pandemic. “I think he just doesn’t understand now that it is his responsibility to protect people. He also doesn’t understand that he has a responsibility to tell the truth. And he doesn’t understand his moral responsibility, the duties of a president conscientiously. . Meet. “

According to Johns Hopkins University, approximately 8.34 million people are infected with the coronavirus in the US. More than 222,000 people have died in connection with Corona.

77-year-old Woodward spoke to Trump for nine hours this year alone for his new book “Rage.” He has enjoyed the status of a reporter legend since the Watergate scandal revelations. The scandal ended in 1974 with the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

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