President Donald Trump again sees himself as a victim of fraud in the US election – he has no proof of this. Trump’s statements now go too far for his party friends.

US President Donald Trump received strong criticism from members of his party after his White House press conference. “There is no justification for the president’s statements tonight undermining our democratic process,” Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan wrote on Twitter Thursday evening (local time).

“America counts the votes and we must respect the results, as we have always done. No choice or person is more important than our democracy,” Hogan continued.

Governor Larry Hogan: “There is no justification for what the president said.” (Source: Reuters)

In an interview with the PBS station, he accused Trump and his camp of laying the groundwork for the current proceedings – questioning the results – with warnings about the postal vote. Hogan is the president of the National Association of Governors.

“This is going crazy”

Senator Pat Toomey – also a Republican – tells CNN, “I am not aware of any significant fraud. No one has notified me of anything that leads me to say there is a massive fraud case that must be addressed immediately. “

Congressman Adam Kinzinger called for evidence of fraud allegations to be presented and submitted to the court. “Stop spreading exposed misinformation … This is going crazy,” he wrote on Twitter.

Senate Judiciary Committee chair and Trump confidant Lindsey Graham, in turn, backed the president on Fox News – and pledged to back Trump with $ 500,000 for his lawsuits against the vote.

Despite the impending defeat in the US election, Trump presented himself as a victim of fraud at a White House press conference. Without presenting evidence, he cited a series of alleged manipulations of Tuesday’s vote and blamed the counter-camp. Trump describes himself as the legitimate winner of the election, despite the ongoing count in a number of states.

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