In Baden-Württemberg, a lottery driver has won more than eleven million euros. But the prize has not been collected in three years – and time is running out for him or her.

Lotto millionaire wanted desperately: more than three years after winning millions, a winner from the Reutlingen region has still not collected his prize of 11.3 million euros. Since the drawing in April 2017, the tipper has been sought, said Georg Wacker, general manager of the state Toto-Lotto GmbH in Stuttgart. The winner has until New Year’s Eve 2020 to collect the money. To do this, he must show the valid game certificate.

What happens to the money if it is not collected?

“If the winner doesn’t contact us by the end of the year, the $ 11.3 million will go entirely into a special lottery jar – so national lottery players will benefit in the form of additional prizes such as cash prizes or cars.”

The wanted tipper had the ticket anonymously in the spring of 2017 lotto-A meeting point in the urban area of ​​Reutlingen. Lottery winnings expire three years after the end of the calendar year in which the game was played.

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