In September a right-wing German was arrested in Poland. Now it should be clear: he was in contact with the terrorist “Group S.”

According to information from “Spiegel”, a suspected German right-wing extremist arrested by Polish special forces at the end of September is said to have contacted “Groep S.” have had.

According to information from security circles, 62-year-old electrician J├╝rgen K. was sometimes a contact for the group, the magazine reported Friday. Exactly what connects the German living in Poland with “Group S.” was still being checked.

“Group S.” creates “civil war-like conditions”

After K.’s arrest, a spokesman for the responsible ministry in Poland announced that the German was suspected of belonging to an “organized criminal group of a terrorist nature”. During the police operation against K. in Poland, 1.2 kilos of explosives and ammunition were discovered. According to Spiegel, the man’s arrest was apparently preceded by a tip from German investigators to their Polish colleagues.

Against alleged members of “Group S.” the federal prosecutor’s office is investigating suspicion of setting up a terrorist organization. According to previous investigators, the group that was blown up last February planned to create “civil war-like conditions” in Germany by attacking politicians, asylum seekers and Muslims.

It was later revealed that the “Group S.” apparently had a police officer as a supporter. The man who worked for the police in Hamm, North Rhine-Westphalia, is said to have issued firearms permits there. Police had to admit they had not acted on any evidence of his feelings. So the suspect wore clothes typical of the right-wing scene and had imperial war flags on the balcony.

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