The Leipzig district of Connewitz is once again the scene of clashes between left-wing protesters and the police. On Friday night, stones were thrown at officials and windows broken.

Disguised rioters threw stones at police officers in the Leipzig district of Connewitz on Friday evening. In a newly built house, cobblestones were also thrown on numerous windows. In addition, participants in a spontaneous demo, dressed in black, dragged parts of barriers on the construction site into a street and knocked over several glass containers. A police spokesman confirmed a “short gathering of people”. Officials were attacked with stones. In addition, pyrotechnics had been ignited.

An estimated 100 people had gathered for the spontaneous demonstration. One reason was the arrest of a suspected left-wing extremist in Leipzig. The 25-year-old woman is charged with membership of a criminal organization, dangerous bodily harm and particularly serious violations of the peace. The demonstration was under the motto “Freedom for Lina!” called.

The police in Leipzig was already in action with a large number and support from other federal states. For Saturday, the “lateral thinking” initiative called for a nationwide demonstration with up to 20,000 participants. You want to protest against the state’s corona measures. According to the police, there was already a spontaneous demonstration on the market square of Leipzig on Friday evening. There was also a counter-protest.

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