For the second night in a row, violence and chaos reigns in the city of Philadelphia. The reason for the riots: another black man was shot by the police.

After the death of an African American in the US state of Pennsylvania, riots broke out in the city of Philadelphia for the second night in a row. “A large group of about 1,000 people loot businesses in the Castor and Aramingo area,” local police said Tuesday evening (local time). Fox TV photos showed some masked people apparently going in and out of a store.

The violence came after a 27-year-old black man was murdered by police officers. The man was armed with a knife and, despite repeated requests, did not drop it, a police spokesperson had told a local television station. The suspect had been moved to the police, whereupon two officers shot him several times. After the incident on Monday afternoon, riots had already broken out on Tuesday evening. According to media reports, several police officers were injured and arrests took place.

Referring to the incident, which was filmed by passersby with smartphones, Mayor Jim Kenney said, “I’ve seen the video of this tragic incident. It raises tough questions that need to be answered.” Police Chief Danielle Outlaw promised a thorough investigation into the case.

Presidential candidate Biden comments on the incident

In the United States, there have been nationwide protests against racism and police violence since the end of May. The protests were triggered by the brutal murder of the unarmed African American George Floyd during a police operation in the city of Minneapolis.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden had expressed his condolences to the relatives of the deceased, but also condemned the riots: “At the same time, anger at the real injustice in our society is no excuse for violence.” Attacks on police officers and the destruction of small businesses would not bring justice.

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