Robert Habeck or Annalena Baerbock: The Greens must decide on a candidate for chancellor before next year’s federal elections. Robert Habeck has now reconfirmed his ambitions for the firm.

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In principle, green leader Robert Habeck dares to take over the chancellor. You have to “see for yourself if you think you have the moral tools, the inner peace and a plan of what you want,” Habeck said on Wednesday evening on the ARD program “Maischberger – die Woche” when asked about the chancellor. and then said of himself, “I have this plan, and so the answer is, Yes, I would pass this test for myself.”

Respect for the “death zone of politics”

Habeck made it clear that he had a lot of respect for the office. The chancellor’s question isn’t just casually answered with “Hey, I’m looking forward to it”. He sticks to the words of Joschka Fischer, who called the top office the “death zone of politics”. He knows “the extent of the responsibility”.

The Greens have so far left it open whether they will go to the federal election with a candidate for chancellor in 2021. In addition to Habeck, co-party leader Annalena Baerbock is considered a possible candidate. Until the elections “we will do our best,” said Habeck of the ARD. “I’m doing my best, Annalena is doing her best, and then we’ll see what happens to it.”

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