The regional government says six rockets have been fired at Erbil International Airport in Iraq’s northern semi-autonomous Kurdistan region. A US defense official said on Wednesday (30 September) that three of the rockets struck the US military base. And the other three fell outside the base. However, no American casualties were reported. This information has been known from the report of the American broadcaster NDTV.

Recently rockets and roadside bombs have exploded near the US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone. The US has said that Iraqi and Iraqi militias supported by Tehran and Tehran are carrying out attacks. The US has threatened to close its embassy in Baghdad if the attacks continue unabated. According to Reuters, preparations have begun to close the embassy. Many believe that the move of the United States before the US election raises the possibility of a new war in the country.

In the context of new rocket attacks on US military positions, US officials say that the new attacks have used larger ones than are commonly used. The rocket attacks are believed to have come from the city of Sheikh Amir in Nineveh province. The interior ministry of the Kurdistan Regional Government says the city is controlled by Shiite paramilitary forces, including Hasad al-Shabi. Officials say the rocket did not suffer any damage by landing in a remote area.

A statement from the Iraqi Defense Ministry said that the security commander has been ordered to be detained in the area from which the rocket was fired. The investigation of the case has been started.

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