Rockets will soon be launched into space from the North Sea

Will mini missiles from the North Sea go into space in the future? The federal government wants to investigate a concept for a spaceport. The first meetings for this have apparently already taken place.

According to a media report, the federal government wants to investigate the idea of ​​a German spaceport for smaller rockets. The Handelsblatt wrote from Düsseldorf on Monday, citing discussions at a meeting of companies and officials from the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs on Friday. In July, the Federation of German Industries (BDI) advertised such a launch pad in the German North Sea in a publication.

Great for smaller launchers

Accordingly, such an “offshore spaceport” would be well suited for smaller launch vehicles with a payload of up to one ton. The BDI sees this as a strategic option to launch commercial or military satellites. The trade association stressed at the time that there are three German mini-missile manufacturers that the federal government is already funding.

According to Handelsblatt, a launch site on a platform in the North Sea would cost the federal government about 30 million euros. In the course of the conversation, the biggest problems would likely raise political and regulatory issues. The EU and NATO partners Sweden and Norway, among others, are already planning such launch pads.

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