Munich (dpa) – Karl-Heinz Rummenigge sees enormous dangers to football in protracted ghost matches in the Corona crisis.

“If we don’t have fans in the stadiums again soon, I fear that football will be severely damaged,” Bayern Munich’s CEO told “Bild am Sonntag”. On the one hand, the loss of football culture is threatening and the 65-year-old also expressed financial concerns. “In total we are actually talking about a loss of about 100 million euros. Every club in Europe loses between 50 and 200 million euros in a season that has to play without a spectator. You can count yourself on five fingers.”

The city of Munich recently announced that football matches in the Bavarian capital will take place without fans until at least October 25 due to the increased corona figures. Nationally, a maximum occupancy of 20 percent of the relevant stadium capacity in the test phase is permitted until the end of October.

Rummenigge said there was “a top concept” for the return of fans, which was also coordinated with the city of Munich. ‘But we are absolutely dependent on political decisions, just like the whole country. And when the political decisions are made like that, you are a bit unconscious. ‘ There is good cooperation, said Rummenigge about the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Markus Söder (CSU). However, he feels “that the common thread between football and politics has been somewhat lost”.

If the season ended, Rummenigge would fear a collapse in the league. Several Bundesliga clubs would not survive that. Several, ”he said. “I can’t imagine that the Bundesliga in its current form could survive in the future. Even given the current circumstances, there are rumors that some clubs are at risk of bankruptcy.”

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