James, the youngest son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, has resigned from the board of directors of News Corporation. Documents submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission said he resigned on Friday over differences over “editorial content” and “various strategic decisions” made by the company.

The BBC reports that he took this decision due to disagreements over certain decisions or editorial matters which were not mentioned in detail in his resignation letter.
James had previously sharply criticized various media outlets controlled by the News Corporation, including the Wall Street Journal, for their coverage of climate change. Rupert Murdoch’s political feud with him has also come to light several times in recent years.
Rupert is a staunch supporter of US President Donald Trump; On the other hand, James has spent millions of dollars for Democrat candidate Joe Biden in the upcoming election, according to local media reports. Rupert’s eldest son, Lachlan, is expected to increase his influence in the news corporation as a result of James’ resignation. Lachlan is staunchly conservative like his father.
In a joint statement, Rupert, co-chairman of News Corporation, and Lachlan, thanked James for his contribution.
In addition to the Wall Street Journal, the News Corporation owns several media outlets in the United Kingdom, including The Times, The Sun, The Sunday Times, and the Australian Telegraph, Herald Sun and The Australian.

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