At the UN General Assembly, Federal Foreign Minister Maas assesses the poison attack on Kremlin critic Navalny. Russia does not like this criticism at all – the country then attacks the SPD politician.

In the case of the poisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, Moscow accused German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas of being hostile to Russia. The SPD politician’s statements to the UN General Assembly were the continuation of a “hostile anti-Russian line from Berlin” in connection with the “so-called” poisoning “A. Navalnys,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry announced. . Russia stressed that the Novichok group had not yet provided evidence of the alleged poisoning of Navalny with the ban on chemical weapons.

“Problem for the entire international community”

The SPD politician Maas had described Navalny’s poisoning with a chemical agent as a “problem for the entire state community” and threatened Russia with sanctions again. “I urge Russia to do more to resolve this matter. Such a case cannot be without consequences,” Maas said in a video address recorded for Tuesday’s session.

The 44-year-old opposition member Navalny is one of the harshest critics of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the findings of a special Bundeswehr laboratory, he was poisoned with the drug of war.

Navalny was in an artificial coma for weeks

Navalny had collapsed on a domestic flight in Russia in August and was later taken to Charité Hospital in Berlin for treatment. He was there for weeks in an artificial coma, but Navalny has since been released. He is still in Germany. Russia has denied all allegations of involvement in the case.

Heiko Maas’s statements are particularly cynical as the German side ignores Russian legal aid requests and offers of cooperation, the ministry said in Moscow. Russia concludes that, given “ the behavior of Germany and its allies in the EU and NATO, it is impossible to have anything to do with the West until it stops using the methods of provocation (…) and starts honestly and behave responsibly “.

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