Moscow claims that the Russian-made coronavirus vaccine Sputnik-5 is 95 percent effective. The vaccine manufacturer claimed this on Tuesday after analyzing new preliminary data. In the first phase, the company claimed that the vaccine’s effectiveness was 91.4%. This information came from the report of the British Media Guardian.

The progress of three ticks in the coronavirus epidemic has been reported recently. These are Pfizer-Bioentec, Sputnik and Modern. Pfizer’s coronavirus (Kovid-19) vaccine has been claimed to be up to 95 percent effective. It is claimed that no significant side effects were seen in this vaccine. On the other hand, Modern Inc., another multinational pharmaceutical company from the United States, said last Monday that their vaccines are 94.5% effective in preventing corona.

Kirill Dimitridge, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, which finances the Russian vaccine Sputnik-5, said on Tuesday, “Sputnik has been more than 95 percent effective. It is not only for Russia but for the whole world, all Good news for countries. “

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