Russia’s military has demonstrated its nuclear capability. He launched ballistic and cruise missiles during a military exercise in the presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two-minute video released on Wednesday by the Russian Defense Ministry showed nuclear missiles from the sky, land and sea. US media Newsweek reported this news.

A statement from the Russian interior ministry said the exercise is part of a “military training plan”. That being said, the purpose of the exercise has been achieved.

A video released shows the cruise missiles launched to the Tu-160 and Tu-95 MS bombers from KEL-101 and KH-555 from Engels and Ukrainian air bases.

In another scene, Project 7 is launching a BDRM Delphin-class nuclear power missile submarine Karelia R-29RMU ballistic missile from underwater.

In another scene, intercontinental ballistic missiles were launched from an air base.

The Russian Interior Ministry stated that the targets set for training were successfully hit.

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