At least 11 elderly people were killed in a fire in a Russian nursing home. A fire broke out at the old age home in Ural Powermatla area around 3 am on Tuesday. According to a report by the UK-based news agency Reuters.

The old age home is located in the Ishbuldina village in the Bashkortostan region. Old people who were unable to move became helpless when the fire broke out. They are trapped inside. The fire was controlled after three hours of effort, but by then 11 people had lost their lives.

Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service has denied the allegations in a statement released on Friday “Similar to Russia’s intelligence, baseless allegations have been made more than once.

A statement from the Emergency Ministry said four people were able to evacuate before firefighters arrived at the scene.

Officials say one in four women were activists. The woman had also brought with her three residents of the old age home.

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