US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also claimed that Russia is behind the recent cyber attack on the United States. “We can say very clearly that Russia is involved in these activities,” he said. He made this comment on Friday. The British media BBC reported this.

The US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said on Thursday that the country’s government, non-governmental organizations and major infrastructure were at “high risk” of cyber attacks after evidence of hacking was detected in various organizations in the United States. CISA said key departments such as the US Treasury Department and the Department of Commerce were also targeted. Resisting these attacks is said to be a complex and challenging task. Many believe that Russia is responsible for the attacks. However, the country has denied this.

Pompeo also blamed Russia for the cyber attack, but offered no evidence. Pompeo said he believes Russia has infiltrated various US companies and private companies over the past few months.

The Secretary of State also said that an initiative has been taken to insert a third party software into the computer system of the US government.

He said US investigators were investigating the attack. However, most of the information in the investigation may be confidential.

According to him, Russia wants to degrade the lives of American citizens and the real risk lies with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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